Clients Choose Matt Because He Knows How To Fight

"Matt Baldridge is an excellent attorney.  After nine years he is a formidable attorney who I would rather have with me than against me. He is direct, honest, and has a fast mind. "

National Academy of Family Law Attorneys


"Excellent lawyer. Listens to his clients and works for the best solution, whether by a compromise or trial. No fear of trying a case." 



Matt A. Baldridge is based in the heart of Mississippi and his focus is primarily small business representation, estate administration, church & nonprofit law, family law, personal injury law, and federal and state criminal defense.

Matt is committed to offering personal high quality legal representation to his clients in an efficient & effective manner.  

His slogan is "Making the Attorney-Client Relationship Personal Again"  He wants his clients to feel valued, to be heard, to be respected, to be represented, and to win.  The fact of the matter is, in most cases there is a clear winner and loser.  And, clients choose Matt because he knows how to fight to win.  And, because of how he fights in the courtroom, many of his clients come back to him time and time again.  While it's impossible to win every case, when the facts are stacked against his clients, Matt works hard to even the odds and better his client's position in difficult circumstances. 

Above all else, Matt take practicing law seriously.  He strives to incorporate honesty, integrity, Christian principals and a relentless pursuit of excellence in all that he does.

Matt is AGGRESSIVE.  Unapologetically aggressive.  Too many times Matt has received calls from clients dissatisfied with their current representation because the attorney is more reactive than proactive. If you were looking for someone to sit on your case, a simple paperweight would suffice, right?  Matt understands that when you hire an attorney, it is to get something done.  You may be facing criminal charges and need someone who will immediately go to work for you to save your freedom and reputation, you may be involved in a domestic dispute and need vigorous representation to ensure your family and financial interest are protected or you may own a small business or pastor a church and are in need of an attorney who will be proactive in helping you guard against  litigation or assist you in making sure your small business or church operates as smoothly as possible. 

Regardless of what area you need help in, Matt A. Baldridge is committed to providing you the help you need to get the results you deserve.

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Making The Attorney-Client Relationship Personal Again


“Matthew Baldridge is an excellent lawyer with a very high degree of skill and knowledge in numerous areas of practice. Having worked alongside him in the past, I know firsthand of his capabilities and for any individual or business that has his him as a lawyer, they are in great hands!”