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Claims Dismissed and Order Restored

After lengthy litigation involving a dispute between the majority of a congregation and a small group of dissidents, a MB church with roots going back over 100 years is finally back to it main focus: worshiping together in harmony and reaching members of the local community.  Matt was able to successfully mediate the dispute resulting in the claims filed by the dissidents being dismissed which allowed order to be restored. 

New Church Completed
Matt was excited to attend the ribbon cutting ceremony for a new five million dollar church facility built in Madison, Mississippi.  Matt was  involved in the project from day one and he was instrumental in helping the church negotiate contracts related to financing, architecture and construction.

Everybody Wins
After Hurricane Katrina, FEMA donated several trailers to various churches in some of the effected areas.  BLF donated our legal services to assist one of the churches in drawing up agreements which allowed individuals to enter into a lease purchase agreement with the church.  This enabled individuals to purchase a FEMA trailer at a greatly reduced price, with the proceeds going to the church to help other families in need.     

Wise Counsel
Recently, Matt was retained to advise a church involved in a major real estate transaction involving $2,000,000.00 worth of property.  After the buyer walked away from the deal because they were unable to secure financing, our client was paid twice the amount that they otherwise would have received as a direct result of Matt's counsel during the negotiating process.  This ensured that our client was compensated fairly for the amount of time, effort and expense they put into putting the transaction together.