When someone is charged with a criminal offense, literally 

                                everything is on the line.  The possible ramifications from

                                  just a single charge include inconvenience,  

                                 incarceration, loss of reputation, financial devastation, loss of employment, uncertainty and even family crisis.  

That is why when facing a criminal charge, it is vital to have a law firm representing you that has a proven track record.  Having tried more than twenty criminal jury trials, we have the experience and know how to handle cases involving criminal charges, no matter how serious and complex.

Our reputation has been vetted by other attorneys, and Matt's Martindale AV Preeminent peer rating reflects the respect he has earned by other attorneys throughout the State of Mississippi. 

While we know how to get results in the courtroom, we also understand that avoiding a trial is often preferable to a verdict of acquittal.  The best case scenario is when the criminal indictment never materializes and you never have to see a jury.  This takes a great attorney who is also a great negotiator. You need someone who has earned the respect of prosecutors.  This requires someone who has shown they can win in a courtroom.  When we sit down at the negotiating table for you, prosecutors know that if they decide to let a case go to trial, there is a real risk they will lose.

We have represented businesses, bankers, politicians, television personalities, physicians and other professionals both in State and Federal Court.  And while some of our cases make the headlines, often our results never make the news. This is the result of effective and tenacious negotiating outside the courtroom. 

Unfortunately, not every situation can be resolved quickly or quietly.  And, few attorneys have tried more cases than we have.  We have a track record of taking difficult cases to trial, and winning them.  And, this helps us obtain favorable resolutions for our clients.  When we tell a prosecutor that we will go to trial, the threat is taken seriously. Most prosecutors protect their reputations, and when they know we are involved, our presence helps facilitate a better resolution because they don't want the embarrassment of a loss on their record. 

Simply put, when everything important is on the line, trust Baldridge Law Firm to fight for you.

Making The Attorney-Client Relationship Personal Again


Our Criminal Law Practice

Includes . . . 

Bond Reduction 

Habeas Corpus


Preliminary Hearing



Plea Negotiation

Jury Selection



Post Conviction Relief


Examples Of Charges We Defend Against . . . ​​



Grand Larceny

Tax Fraud

Money Laundering

Securities Fraud



Drug Trafficking

Controlled Substances Violations


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when liberty and reputation are on the line, you need baldridge law firm on your side

Baldridge Law Firm, PLLC, in Madison, Mississippi handles federal & state criminal defense matters involving embezzlement, fraud, grand larceny, money laundering, wire fraud, tax fraud, securities fraud, RICO violations, conspiracy, DUI, attempt, accessory before the fact, accessory after the fact, drug trafficking, possession with intent, possession of controlled substances,  sale of controlled substances, simple assault, aggravated assault, attempted murder, murder, kidnapping, bond reduction, trial, jury selection, voir dire, bond revocation, sentencing, appeal, habeas corpus, and post condition relief.  When you need a criminal defense attorney in Madison, MS who has proven he can win, hire Baldridge Law Firm, PLLC.

​"Excellent lawyer. No fear of trying a case."

Federal & State Criminal Defense