Matt was raised as a pastor's kid, aka "PK," on the plains of Oklahoma.  Growing up in a pastor's home, Matt gained invaluable insight into the inner workings of church administration and experienced the effects of various types of church organizational structures.

When a dispute arises within a church body, Matt understands better than most the interplay and juxtaposition between God's law and man's law.  As an active member of his local congregation and local church board attorney, Matt remains connected and 

Baldridge Law Firm, PLLC in Madison County, Mississippi handles a wide range of church law legal issues, including helping register church plants, helping legally certify new or existing  & congregations, assisting with staff background checks, drafting bylaws, conducting annual meetings, resolving inter-church disputes, new facility construction, and asset acquisition.  When you need a church law attorney in Madison, MS who has proven he can win, hire Matt A. Baldridge.

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Church & Non Profit Law

in-tune with the diverse and innumerable amount of legal issues facing today's religious organizations. ​

If you need help starting a new church congregation, assistance in resolving an inter-church dispute in a manner consistent with Godly principles, advice on best practices for church board operation and business meeting protocol, help with building or purchasing a new facility, employment issues, background checks for staff members, or any other policy or procedure issue, please contact Matt today.