Matt Knows About Small Business Issues First Hand

Matt is not associated with a international law firm with a thousand lawyers, and he is proud of it.  Matt knows first hand the struggles that small and medium size business owners face, which means that he knows the right solutions to solve problems that small and medium size business owners encounter.

Matt understands small business because Young Wells is a small business.  Regardless of your needs, Matt A. Baldridge and the team at Young Wells is positioned to deliver the results you demand at rates a small business can afford. 

And, while most agree that it is best to resolve disputes without incurring the time and expense of litigation, when litigation is necessary, we have the knowledge and experience to deliver results.

As you will read throughout this website, we are unapologetically aggressive when it comes to representing our clients' interests and we work hard to win every time. 

​"Matthew Baldridge is an excellent lawyer with a very high degree of skill and knowledge in numerous areas of practice. Having worked alongside him in the past, I know firsthand of his capabilities and for any individual or business that has his him as a lawyer, they are in great hands!"

Employment Agreements
Termination Agreements
Non Compete Agreements
Asset Purchase Agreements
Certificate of Formation

Labor Law Issues

Contract Drafting

Contract Negotiating

Account Collections

Lawsuit Defense

Litigation Services

Partnership Agreements

Operating Agreements

Buy Sell Agreements

Making The Attorney-Client Relationship Personal Again


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Small Business Law

Here Is A Small Sample Of Some Of The Services We Provide To Our Small Business Law Clients . . . 

Baldridge Law Firm, PLLC in Madison County, Mississippi handles small business law matters including contract drafting, contract negotiating, litigation in Madison and throughout the State of Mississippi, account collections, lawsuit defense, litigation services, partnership agreements, operating agreements, buy sell agreements, employment agreements, termination agreements, non-compete agreements, asset purchase agreements, bylaw creation, certification of formation and labor law issues.  When you need a small business practice attorney in Madison, MS who has proven he can win, hire Matt A. Baldridge.

Some attorneys are litigators in name only.  We have the real world courtroom experience to prove our litigating prowess.


​"Excellent lawyer. Listens to his clients and works for the best solution, whether by a compromise or trial. No fear of trying a case."